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Back Clinic

CSM Back ClinicA team approach to solving the problem of lower back pain. Patients can enter the Back Clinic by contacting us directly, or being referred from their doctor or a specialist. Our physiotherapist or chiropractor will treat your back pain and begin with mobilising and muscle activation exercises. When appropriate you will be referred to our biokineticist for Phase 1 Rehabilitation. Patients can also be referred directly to Stage 1


Rehabilitation from their Neuro-Surgeon or healthcare professional. The Back Clinic team meets with the patient after each stage of the process to collectively discuss progress and plan the next stage.

Stage 1 Rehabilitation
One on One Core and Pelvic Stability strengthening with the Biokineticist for 3 to 5 weeks (2 times per week). Rehabilitation is tailor made for the specific condition for which the patient is referred, whether it is post operative, chronic lower back pain or an acute condition. When the patient is ready the Biokineticist will then refer the patient to Stage 2 Rehabilitation phase.

Stage 2 Rehabilitation
Group Core and Pelvic Stability and Pilates classes run by a Physiotherapist or Biokineticist. Classes are no bigger than 6 in a class and are designed to maintain core and pelvic stability attained during the Stage 1 Rehabilitation phase.

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